8 Week Functional Re-Build Program


Looking for a challenge? Then this is the program for you. We will be working on building lean muscle, fat loss and conditioning. In combining these three components with good nutrition, we will ensure that you don’t just look good but also feel good. We will also be doing some Mobility and flexibility for injury prevention. Doing these extras will take your performance to the next level.


We will be doing the basic barbell movements to start with, like the deadlift, squat, bench press, overhead press and bent over rows. These movements are the best to build up lean muscle. These lifts also increase your natural testosterone levels, which will benefit our goal of putting on some lean muscle. We will also be working with free weights like dumbbells, kettle bells and sandbags. This will help up to condition the muscles, and help us build functional strength. All workouts will be end with a metabolic finisher. This will spike the metabolism; this means you won’t just be burning fat during your workout but also long after your workout has stopped.


The workout is a very important, but your warm up and corrections will be just as important. This program will include a weekly warm up and stretch routine to ensure you are properly warmed up before every session. This will help us reduce the risk for injuries. I expect you to warm up, if you get injures it will take us longer to reach our goals. These warm up and stretches will enhance your workout experience, and give you better range of motion and mobility. The more flexible you are the better you will be able to use your muscles.


Now let’s talk about your eating.  We will be doing a caveman meal plan; this means if you can find it in nature you can eat it. Keep in mind; we can’t out train a bad diet. So there will be some days we can’t eat what we want, but we will be getting REWARD meals. These are meals where  you can eat what you want. We will be focusing on building lean muscle the first five weeks and dropping fat for the last three weeks. The eating overall is the hardest as we all live busy lifestyles and there are so many temptations, however if you prepare your meals and keep your eyes on the goals we set out it will be possible.


This program will include:

  • Five Workouts per week
  • 8 week meal plan
  • 3 x Skype sessions (20min each)
  • Goal setting Questionnaire
  • Flexibility and Mobility program
  • Results

Are you ready for the 8 WEEK FUNCTIONAL RE-BUILD?



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