21 Day All-In Program


Well done on wanting to make a commitment to reach your goals. No Journey can start without that first courageous step.  Castle Fitness wants to welcome you to our community. We are here to help and encourage one another. Doing a program should not be seen as a punishment, but rather seen  as a self-improvement journey. So let’s talk about the program.


As you will come to realise I am a very honest person because I believe that your word is your bond and it’s really all you got in the end.  The 21 Day All-in Program is great to get you started, but we aren’t going to move mountains with this program YET. This program will however give you the opportunity to see what you are capable of and what we do at Castle Fitness. However don’t under estimate the commitment that I except from you. I want you to really give it your best, and follow the instructions the best you can.

What type of training will we be doing?

This program will give you the kick start that you need to reach your fat loss, fitness and strength goals we will work on the basics of functional training to ensure that we can build of a strong foundation. We will also do a lot of core work, to ensure core stability and activation during lifts like deadlift, bench, cleans and squats. We will start slow; we do this to reduce our risk of injury.

How will the eating plan look?

The eating program is very basic, no funny stuff. All ingredients you can buy at your local supermarket. If you can find it in nature, you can eat it. I provide a sample meal plan and a food list and the rest is up to you. I will add some recipes just to make the preparation work a little easier. Yes there will be reward meals, notice that I said reward. I believe it is easy to cheat so to change that I call it a reward meal; you won’t reward yourself for something you don’t deserve. So work hard to get those rewards, my reward is mostly ice-cream.

What does the program include?

  • Five workouts per week
  • 21 day meal plan
  • 2 x Skype sessions (20min each)
  • Goal Setting Questionnaire
  • Results

Now you have got the information, are you ready for the 21 day All in program?



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