12 Week Lifestyle Program


Looking for a program that makes an impact? This program is a blue print to a better lifestyle. All aspects of lifestyle will be covered, from habits to training programs to eating and goal setting. We will work to create the best version of yourself, the one that you know is the real you. The most important aspect of this program is to commit. You deserve this, a better lifestyle for a better life.


In 12 weeks you can read a book; in 12 weeks you can learn a new language, in 12 weeks you can learn a new skill; in 12 weeks you can travel the whole Europe; in 12 weeks you can form new habits; in 12 weeks you can change your life. In this program we will be setting goals for your personal life, business life and fitness life. This is a holistic program that can make a difference. If you want to be in the best physical, emotional and financial shape of your life this program will get you there.


Our main focus will naturally be your physical exercise.  This program will be a four week progressive program, meaning that every four weeks you will get a new program that will be totally different. As we will be working together for 12 weeks we can really work on your strong and weak points. I will expect you to really commit to the plan we set out. There is a saying: “failure to plan is planning to fail”.


I have been through rough patches in my life where I did not care what was going to happen from day to day. Rough patches will never stop coming but the way you deal with them will determine the outcome. We will work on ways to stay focused, self-talk and gratitude. These are methods I use daily to keep my mind right. This will also have a direct impact on your financial life. Let’s work together to make the world a better place by working on YOU.


This program will include:

  • Five Workouts per week
  • 12 week meal plan
  • Nutrition 101 booklet
  • 4 Skype sessions (20min each)
  • Goal setting questionnaire
  • Flexibility and Mobility Program
  • Productivity success system implementation
  • Results


Are you ready for the 12 WEEKS LIFESTYLE PROGRAM?



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