It is very flexible and you can decide when you want to train. No more getting pushed into a 45min slot and rushing through a workout with a trainer. So time is no longer an issue. You get all the benefits of personal training except you won’t have a dude staring at you while you train and counting your reps. Accountability is a big bonus as we will have to be in contact a lot to ensure we are on track to reach your goals.

We will have Skype sessions for goal setting. We will have regular check- ins to track progress. I will also send you a food log template that you will have to fill in honestly, every week. 

Yes, all our programs come with an eating plan. It is not a radical diet; I call it the caveman diet, everything that you would find in nature you can eat. We are more focused on changing eating habits and making better choices. We don’t want you to be eating of a piece of paper for the rest of your life.

All workouts will range between 45min to 60min

You will get it per email. Attached with your meal plan, and food log template.

All fitness levels can do these programmes as we will be working with one rep max weights. Our first workout we will be testing that.

Any standard gym will do, most gyms have added functional areas.

For admin related purposes every Monday would be best. This will ensure enough time for workout creation.

You can make payment with any debit or credit card. We make use of Payfast as our preferred payment method.